How to use dildo in live shows

different size dildos

There are a lot of known orgasm types exists, also as many ways to reach an orgasm, the female vibrator is created for imitation of a male penis which carries out consecutive forward and returnable movements or chaotic on a circle, influencing genitals of the girl. Because of existence of function of the movement the […]

Trans surgery changed lives upside-down

In the webcam industry tranny models are gaining popularity. And it all started from fashion models. Looking at their modern photos, it is impossible to think that earlier all these people were an opposite sex. 1. Andreja Pejić Long time Andreja Pejić was the popular model famous for the androgenic appearance. But in 2014 he […]

Story about how tranny girls sneaked in to Masonic lodge

Masonic lodge

For ages of a freemasonry of England were exclusively men’s establishment, but recently they had to make amendments to the code and to begin to accept, in the ranks… women. Yes, such famous masons as the duke Wellington or Winston Churchill could not even think of it. Though maybe could someone know what was hidden […]

How to interest member in chat room during online stream?

tranny webcam model

To be successful a web model, it is important to get base of constant admirers. But how to interest member so that they returned to a model page still more than once? We know as, and are ready to share small secretion which will help any girl to come out in a top! Advice for […]

Transvestite contestant in Miss Universe competition

Angela Maria Ponce

On the journalist’s question when she for the first time she understood that she is a girl, Angela Ponce answered with an own question: “And when you for the first time understood that you the boy?“ After the victory in a national beauty contest of Spain Mrs. Ponce will become the first transgender woman who […]

The transgender received the Deputy Prime Minister’s position

Petra De Sutter

The Belgian politician of Petra De Sutter, the representative of Zelenye party, became the first transgender woman in Europe which received the Deputy Prime Minister’s position. Sutter as The Brussels Times writes about appointment. The government was created still on October 1, but then as notes the edition, the Belgian media were not mentioned that […]

Why transvestites wear dresses?


Some trannies are obviously engaged in this type of activity to attract more money to themselves and to have anal sex. One of journalists who found out that her ex-husband was a transvestite described it “pervert” and threw out a heap of the old clothes because the husband transvestite carried her. What does this level […]

I think about other man during sex


“I am 36 years old, and it is possible to call my life ideal. Good work, beautiful house, two children and hard-working husband. I love it and I love the life, but already half a year I cannot stop thinking about his best friend. Earlier I did not pay attention to it, he was married […]

How to chat with tranny webcamgirls online: 6 practical advices

This article for those guys and men who want to learn how to chat with tranny in webcam chat room, without testing the awkward moments, without exchanging empty phrases it seems “How do you do? – Good”, “What are you doing – nothing”. The subject is especially relevant if you at least once faced a […]